PC & IT cleaning

With PCs used by all companies and operated by so many personnel, it’s essential that a regular cleaning routine is in place. It’s a known fact that PC keyboards can harbour more germs than most other surfaces. With the rise of many so called ‘superbugs’ and the spread of other contagious illnesses, it’s imperative that a company protects its employees from health risks and itself from a prospective loss of working days. Brayborne offers a diminishing per unit cost based on the total number of PCs, which includes cleaning monitors, processors, keyboards and mice.

Data Centres and computer room IT equipment cleaning is an area Brayborne specialise in. With the possibility of contamination from the build-up of dust, heat and static electricity, we can help your IT installation maintain a cool environment and relieve the stress that can cause hardware failure. Unscheduled downtime is therefore minimised and disruption avoided by simply establishing a regular cleaning maintenance programme.

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PC & IT Cleaning is just one of the specialist cleaning services we undertake, along with daily office cleaning tasks for many UK companies.

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