Kitchen deep clean

The deep cleaning of kitchens and food preparation areas is a must for all busy kitchens, in order to adhere to the stringent guidelines of the food safety acts of 1990 and 1995. Many commercial organisations, catering companies, schools, colleges, universities and restaurants follow our recommendation and commission a periodic deep clean.

At Brayborne, we follow a trusted top-down method, starting at the ceiling and finishing at the floor, ensuring every piece of equipment and surface in between is included. We often work through the night or at a time when the kitchen is closed so that your business in unaffected.

Our deep cleaning programme includes:

  • Walls from the ceiling down
  • Ovens, grills and fryers
  • Extractor hoods, vents and filters
  • Sinks and wash-up areas
  • Fridges (including walk-in models)
  • Microwaves
  • Floors

Contracted to work for a number of commercial organisations, catering companies, schools, colleges and restaurants, we have specialist knowledge of cleaning large teaching kitchens and food preparation areas in educational establishments.

Giving your ovens and kitchen a new lease of life whilst meeting all health and safety requirements, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that Brayborne clean within current guidelines and always issue a certificate of hygiene to validate the completed work.

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Kitchen deep cleaning is just one of the specialist cleaning services we undertake, along with daily office cleaning tasks for many UK companies.

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