Hard floor and carpet cleaning

Hard floor surfaces are many and varied but Brayborne’s specialist teams are experienced with them all, including:

  • Safety / non-slip
  • Wooden
  • Vinyl
  • Marble
  • Resin
  • Tiled

Flooring takes a punishing amount of wear and tear so whether the requirement is stripping and polishing, sanding and sealing or waxing, Brayborne guarantee that the correct methods and maintenance programmes are in place to consistently produce a high quality finish.

Carpet cleaning is also a mark of our expertise, vastly prolonging the life of client’s carpets, with some looking like new for over 15 years. This is all down to our maintenance programme, whereby parts of the carpet are cleaned on rotation while stains in other areas are taken care of as they are seen. No stain has the opportunity to build up and the entire carpet gets an agreed number of cleans per year. This programme, combined with the Texatherm® cleaning system, ensures the longest life possible from your investment.


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Hard floor and carpet cleaning is just one of the specialist cleaning services we undertake, along with daily office cleaning tasks for many UK companies.

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