A Royal appointment

For more than 15 years, Brayborne have been cleaning the windows at Windsor Castle.

With so many windows in the royal estate, we’re regularly scheduled to clean not just the castle windows but those of the courtyard buildings, cloisters, private residences and Dean’s house. We also manage the clean-up following building or repair work and daily cleaning to the Chaplain’s and associated offices.

Creating a shining outlook led to further work for us at the Castle, when we were asked to clean the bells in the Curfew Tower. An amazing structure, over 13 feet thick in places and 100 feet high, we weren’t taking any chances and were harnessed to the enormous wooden bell cage to make sure we could work around the structure safely.

With the bells dating from 1612 to 1989, great care was taken by our specialist heritage team to ensure they continued to ring as clearly and brightly as ever.

Our visits to Windsor Castle come around regularly – we like to think of it as our royal appointment.