Gender Pay Gap


Within The Exclusive Services Group Ltd we are committed to ensuring that we always seek to comply in the governance of our business and within our industry. Furthermore this process is reviewed regularly & completed annually. Given the requirement to complete and submit our internal Gender Gap Review, we confirm that our desire to seek to comply as required remains as strong as stated. We have also completed the review from a values and people aspect in ensuring that we remain as consistent as possible in what is a very transient market, and that as a business  we base our approach on the properly required perspectives. Therefore it is based not only on the quality of our people, but also ensuring that we have the right candidate for the correct role and that this is reflected in the appropriate level of reward relating to the role.  This approach is covered within our values and policies, and so we see our compliance as having a review within a process of external verification.

It is our belief that our approach complies with current legislation in relation to pay rates as a minimum requirement.

Our team and their individual and collective qualities remain primary within our business and we confirm that in terms of our senior structure our Board of Directors enjoy a 40/60% split between female and male members and within our Senior Management Team we operate with a ratio that is 62% Female and 38% Male.

Both now and in the future, The Exclusive Services Group Ltd inclusive of Exclusive Contract Services Ltd and Brayborne Facilities Services Ltd will continue to follow our stated policies which, as stated, are reviewed annually.

Jim Melvin

Group CEO

2018-19 Gender Pay Gap

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